When you manage a transit agency, you have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. One of them is ensuring a safe, comfortable, and convenient way for passengers to travel or commute. To achieve this, it’s important to invest in modern technologies that will help keep them informed and capable of making smarter travel decisions before and during transit. That’s where a high-quality transit sign comes in. If you need state-of-the-art solutions, consider looking into the passenger information system by Transign.
It’s even more important to upgrade to a better transportation sign when your current system is struggling to keep up with the needs and demands of your passengers. An outdated passenger information system could cause costly delays and mistakes with your valuable operations. Moreover, it can negatively impact your business operations down the line, especially when you lose ridership and experience difficulties in increasing the efficiency of your fleet.
You can get a full solution of cutting-edge technology for transit signs from Transign. The company’s partnership with Passio Technologies enables it to deliver effective and reliable passenger information systems that can be beneficial for both your business and your passengers. The Transign transit sign system comes with the following features that will help your transit agency in the long run:

  • On-board passenger information – This is not your typical passenger information system. It offers a complete transit sign solution that can do everything from displaying destination and route information to public safety announcements, messages, and advertising. The all-inclusive LED display also offers synchronized messaging to keep all fleets up-to-date in delivering important information to passengers.
  • Automatic passenger counting – An enhanced passenger counting system can improve the rider experience and deliver analytics to the transit agency. This way, ridership levels can be accurately measured while in transit. This also eliminates the need to rely on manual counters or clickers.
  • On-board audio and visual communication – The on-board passenger information system from Transign allows you to show audio and visual presentations so you get a versatile transportation sign with extended capabilities in disseminating information and effective promotional messages. Likewise, the displays can show route maps and real-time information to the passengers.
  • Enhanced route management – With Transign technology, you get a highly configurable system using a secure web interface. This makes it easy to manage pre-recorded routes, interest points, and landmarks. You may display custom messages at each preset trigger point, and automatically apply updates to routes wirelessly to every sign at specific intervals.

For your convenience, you may consider the optional cellular/GPS dispatch system to remotely show detours, message updates, and assign stop changes. It can also   implement instant communication between your drivers and dispatch operators.

  • Hands-free operation – Distracted driving is one of the major causes of vehicular accidents on the road. You can avoid that and keep your drivers and passengers safe and secure with Transign’s intuitive passenger information system, which comes with hands-free capabilities to eliminate distractions. This should also encourage safer driving habits. The transportation signage has GPS-based message progression to display real-time route information. That way, service interruptions can be minimized when equipment failure and human error can be avoided.


Time to enhance your transit agency’s service and ridership

Get in touch with Transign to learn more about this passenger information system, which is proudly Michigan-made and in complete compliance with the Buy America Act. Every transit sign product from this company is a reliable workhorse. Transign has been supplying innovative transportation signage to the transit industry for more than 60 years. Additionally, all products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and full customer service and technical support.