Your passengers and drivers are the lifeblood of your transportation business. Without them, you might as well not exist. This is why it is important to ensure their safety at all times using a real time bus tracker. Powered by GPS (global positioning system), this technology simplifies the way you can track the location of your fleet, so it is easier to determine if the buses are on time and traversing only on their assigned routes. It also provides a great benefit to riders, as these systems also provide location and arrival times to people awaiting the arrival of their bus, via phone apps.

A good bus locator does not have to come as a separate device. It can be an automatic vehicle location system that is integrated with advanced LED transit signs. This system can provide you and your fleet with the following benefits:

  1. Ensure worry-free commutes and fleet management

The absence of information can have a poor impact on the business bottom line. It also prevents management from identifying opportunities and systematic problems for improvement. A real time bus tracker can help resolve those problems by offering insights and critical information to fleet managers and owners.

  1. Security

Even fleet owners and managers acquire large amounts of data daily, and it is important for them to keep it secure. Moreover, they need to make sure that hackers will not be able to access the tracker. A good bus locator ensures secure real-time data processing and high-quality security features to offer all around protection.

  1. Easy to use

Implementing and using an automatic vehicle location system should not be complicated. Otherwise, you and your staff might not want to use it. High-quality GPS trackers are intuitive and easy to use. GPS data is easy to read and understand to enable quick and informed decision-making on the spot.

  1. Scalable

A high-quality real time bus tracker can be scaled to the unique requirements of the fleet. It can be linked with on-board devices through a centralized mobile data terminal to enable seamless communication with the bus station or terminal information systems and the central management. Some platforms can also be configured to communicate with smart phone mobile apps and devices used by passengers.

The central mobile data terminal is a key feature in an advanced bus locator as it enables several functions, such as fare collection, voice announcements, automated passenger counting, next stop requests, bus route management, on-board bus map locations, and arrival and departure updates in real-time.

  1. Enhanced customer service

Easily accessible real-time location data allows fleet managers and operators to find potential and on-going problems, so they can take immediate action. This way, the impact of such problems can be eliminated or at least be minimized. The bus locator can help fleet managers adjust schedules and routes, in case the GPS shows issues with certain routes.

Discover these benefits yourself

Get an advanced automatic vehicle location system from a reputable company like Transign. By partnering with Passio Technologies, we are able to provide a reliable GPS system in our LED Destinator with cutting-edge software and integrated communication devices to provide safer transportation environments for passengers and pedestrians alike. This real time bus tracker also enables a distraction-free and reliable work environment for maintenance personnel, directors, and operators.