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Transign’s Technology Boosts Public Transportation Services throughout North America

Transign is the industry leader in providing advanced technology signage products that have revolutionized the transit industry for over 55 years. These products have been widely popular and adopted by all the leading bus dealers, transit agencies, and fleet operators across the United States and Canada.

Transign products have been widely adopted in North America, helping to boost public transportation services across the continent. They offer transit agencies an affordable solution to increase ridership safety, improve service and communication, and run more efficiently to optimize revenue. The products help greatly in modernizing the way people travel and access information while they reach their destinations conveniently. Transign assists transit operators in offering their passengers with the best in class services.

Transign also provides a wide range of intelligent transit systems that help to improve operational performance and enhance mobility and convenience for travelers, ensuring that passengers are quickly and efficiently transported to their destinations. Transign’s technology enhances LED Destination services, Roller curtain signs, Bus signs, Vintage bus signs, Run number boxes, Stop Request signs, Route Management Software and the recently launched LED Destinator EnCompass.

Speaking of their products, Jamie Lipka, Transign’s President said, "It’s essential we provide new technological features to our growing population and pass it along to the next generation, our millennials. We are excited to offer and support smart transit technology, with our value-add, customizable, affordable products for the public transit industry. We are enhancing public transportation services throughout the country and provide superior travel experiences to passengers while helping transportation providers intensify operator and vehicle safety. Transign’s goal is, and always has been, to make public transit systems in North America convenient for both the passengers, as well as the transit operators. "

About Transign
Transign has been a leading provider of LED destination signs, run number boxes, roller curtain signs and passenger information systems since 1959. Transign currently serves hundreds of agencies and private shuttle services alike in both the United States and Canada and prides itself on being one of the most highly recommended and endorsed transit signage providers in the industry today.

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LED Destinator EnCompass Sign System Services

Transign has been providing the transit industry with high-quality, long-lasting transit signage for almost 6 decades, and now bring about innovation in transportation signage with our LED Destinator EnCompass replace with Series. Harnessing the power of technology, our LED Destinator EnCompass™ uses hands-free control options which change all interior and exterior signage according to the change to geolocation of the bus. The driver is then able to comfortably attend to roads, stops and onboard passengers without the distraction of having to change messages periodically. Travel is thus safer.

Technology is the harbinger of change, and we believe in using it to revolutionize the way the transit industry operates. Travelers and Transit companies stand to gain from our advancements through automation and focus on passenger, operator and vehicle safety.

Get the LED Destinator EnCompass™ edge

Affordable and Efficient
The LED Destinator EnCompass™ system is affordable and will allow you to offer passengers enhanced services through better communication throughout the bus, as well as messaging directly to their PDA or cell phone. Such efficiency will result in increased ridership and better revenues. Configurable via a secure web interface with pre-set routes, interest points, and landmarks, these transit signs will allow you to display custom messages at each desired geolocation trigger point. Route updates are also applied automatically to each device wirelessly at chosen intervals. The optional 3G/cellular dispatch system can remotely assign message updates, detours, and stop changes, and provides instant communication between drivers and dispatch operations.

Safe and efficient
Safety is at the core of this technology. As messaging is driven by automation, drivers can focus on their core task – driving. Without the distraction and botheration of having to change messages periodically. Driving gets safer even as your transit agency acquires the good reputation of delivering accurate messaging and transporting passengers safely. Efficiently too, as passengers get real time route information and fewer service interruptions caused by equipment failure or human error.

Superior travel experience

With this system, travel will become a pleasure for your passengers. The destination/route information is clear, accurate and timely. It enables the synchronization of interior messages, next stop announcements and more. Agencies now have an opportunity to generate additional revenue through merchant advertising in the vicinity of each bus stop, triggered by its geolocation. Other exciting features include an Automated Voice Announcement, Passenger Counting and GPS/AVL Tracking

In keeping with the times

The transportation industry today has new and effective means for displaying information that is essential for the daily traveler. New technology innovations have added to the entire traveling experience and have made it more passenger-oriented with advanced passenger information systems
For more than 55 years we have provided the transit industry with high quality, durable destination signs, complimented by a reputation of superior customer service and support. Transign was founded by James Youngblood in 1959 with a commitment to “Quality Products backed by Quality Customer Service” and rapidly became the established market leader in a variety of innovative products for the transit industry.

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Transign to Exhibit at CTAA’s 2017 Community Transportation EXPO

Transign is thrilled to be exhibiting at the Community Transportation Association of America’s 2017 Community Transportation EXPO, held next week in Detroit, Michigan, and showcase its newest product, the LED Destinator EnCompass™, a GPS-based, hands-free message system to improve route communication and passenger safety.

The Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) is a national, nonprofit membership association advocating for mobility for all Americans. The Community Transportation EXPO, CTAA’s annual conference, is the confluence of the community transportation field.

This year’s conference is appropriately named Mobility Rising. The need for verifying forms of mobility choices and the outcome from those choices has never been greater than it is now, and are a concern for cities and communities across the country. This is the first year the EXPO will be held in Michigan, and Transign is excited to have the EXPO in our own backyard and we are proud to support the CTAA and all of its efforts to further mobility in America.

Matthew Welbes, Acting Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will kick off the conference with the Opening Luncheon on Tuesday, June 13th, and will provide an update on FTA activities and initiatives. Then on Wednesday, June 14th, Shannon Bouton, Chief Operating Officer, McKinsey Center for Business and Environment and Mark de la Vergne, Chief of Mobility Innovation at the City of Detroit will present the Keynote Session: The Future of Mobility. In addition to these presentations, the conference features five tracks full of interesting and informative sessions, as well as roundtables, endless networking opportunities, tours and finishes with a bang at the Big Night Out Event, which will be held at the historic Henry Ford Museum.

If you’re attending the EXPO this year, please make sure and come to the EXPO Trade Show and visit us at Booth 532. Several events are planned for the Trade Show this year including the Grand Opening Reception from 5 - 7pm on Tuesday, June 13th and the EXPO 2017 Trade Show Continental Breakfast from 7:00 – 8:30am and the Community Transportation Trade Fair and Luncheon from 12pm – 3pm on Wednesday, June 14th.

For more information on the CTAA 2017 Community Transportation EXPO, visit the CTAA EXPO website here.

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