Digital technology has revolutionized public and private transportation. Digital innovations are now improving people’s lives and opening opportunities for the public, including easier accessibility, increased efficiency, and lower costs.

From commuters to marketers to management, public transit is now driven by data. It has never been simpler to use a voice announcements system for information and advertising announcements, and the benefits are extraordinary.

Passenger information systems are synced with LED signage to keep your riders informed and enable commuters to identify the next steps without having to read the display so that they can prepare to get off. As these systems are ADA compliant, they make riding the bus independent for hearing or visually disabled passengers. With Transign’s LED Destinator® (IPS) combined with Intermotives FlexSpeak ADA announcements, commuters always know when to get off and how long they have until their stop. Transign makes transit more accessible for everyone.

Commuters and transit companies widely praise these systems as they have proved to be crucial for aiding all passengers in making the use of transportation systems safer and more efficient. 

Next stop announcement systems are widely used in countries like the US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and others where it is employed by both public and private bus companies to streamline their operations while giving commuters consistent and safe bus-service performance. With the integration, transit agencies can announce public announcements, bus next stop, major nearby intersections, and also take advantage of location-based advertising as a means of generating revenue.

Integration of voice announcement systems enables operators to communicate both internal and external announcements during transit and at every stop—so that passengers with disabilities also can travel safely and conveniently. 

Benefits of Bus Next Stop Announcement System

  • Broadcast pre-programmed announcements to inform passengers of upcoming road diversions 
  • Provide crucial information on journeys, points-of-interest, travel connections, and real-time GPS-driven maps
  • Adjusts announcements to be heard over loud noises inside and outside
  • Next-stop announcements indicate journey arrival times, with a full graphic display offering a clear, readable screen 
  • Integrated GPS unit delivers accurate location details to automatically trigger system messages to provide natural voice text-to-speech converter and cheerful greetings.
  • Lets drivers focus on operating the vehicle safely
  • Easy to understand onboard & bus stop communications help riders navigate the system
  • Easily configure Fixed route stop locations and messages
  • Real-time GPS-driven maps deliver accurate trigger system messages
  • Broadcasts automatic and timely safety information 

IPS FlexSpeak ADA Solution` is an affordable, reliable passenger information system designed specifically with transit agencies in mind and is suitable for all fixed-route fleets, both large and small.