LED scrolling signs are the standard these days, but that doesn’t mean that older-style transit signs are no longer useful. In fact, many bus companies still prefer the roller sign because it’s an affordable and effective alternative. A high-quality roller curtain sign can provide reliable information to your passengers and make your fleet much more efficient.

What are roller curtain signs?

Roller curtainThe curtain sign is widely used in shuttles and buses. It is also called by other names such as ‘destination blinds,’ ‘destination scrolls,’ and ‘roll signs.’ It has been the most common type of destination sign for decades because it’s simple and it works. It uses a roll of flexible material with pre-printed destinations or route numbers and letters. At the end of the route, the vehicle operator manually turns the sign when reversing directions.

Older versions of the roller curtain sign were made of linen and Tyvek, and the roll is attached to metal tubes at the bottom and top, with flanges at the end of the tubes connected into a mechanism to control the rolling. Upper and lower rollers are sufficiently positioned apart to display the information, and an LED strip light is found behind the blinds for illumination.

Today, the roller sign is fully automated and digital to make it easier to change between destinations and routes, as well as show updates to the route network. New versions use Mylar, electric motors and efficient LED backlighting. They can easily be customized for more applications such as advertising, branding, and PR.

Purpose of roller curtain signs and their benefits

As transit signs, the purpose of roller curtain signs is to provide information about the route and destination of the bus, shuttle, or train. Updated destination blinds are more versatile in customization and display options so they can also be used for promotional purposes. Moreover, they can be used by sports teams, colleges, and private charter or shuttle services looking to enhance their branding efforts.

What advantages do these signs have over the now-popular LED signs?

roller curtainRoller curtain signs are more affordable than LED signs. Modern ones offer large lettering and a bright backlight with energy efficient LED lighting. Beyond that, these transit signs also offer integrated communication and branding, as well as logos and other graphics - plus versatility for smaller fleets, trolleys, collector vehicles, and cutaway buses.

High-quality destination blinds offer visibility of up to 500 feet. They have ADA compliant colors and fonts. They are easy to install, last long, and require minimal maintenance. All these make them cost-effective for any fleet in the long run.

Does this product still exist in the transit industries?

Despite being one of the original transit signs invented, the roller sign is still widely available and up-to-date for the modern fleet.

Who is the service provider for it?

Transign has been making innovative roller curtain signs for the transit industry since 1959. We are the only US manufacturer of roller signs, and they are proudly made in Michigan in full compliance with the Buy America Act, and they are backed by local customer support and excellent warranties. We have an in-house graphic design team that can customize your curtain sign to meet your special requirements.