Transign’s® Hands-Free control options create a safer environment for public transportation systems, enabling bus operators to have less distraction while giving passengers a safe ride to their destination. With GPS connectivity, our LED Destinator EnCompass™ signage will change the messages displayed for all interior and exterior signage based on the bus’ location, allowing the driver to attend to roads, stops, and on-board passengers. Upgrading to the LED Destinator EnCompass™ sign system gives your transit agency an affordable solution to improve services, communication, increase ridership, and run more efficiently, maximizing revenue.


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Superior Safety, Reliability and Performance


  • GPS-based message progression
  • Helps eliminate driver distractions and encourages safer driving habits
  • Ensures accurate messages
    $ No subscription, ZERO yearly cost
  • Provides real-time route information
  • Reduces service interruptions caused by equipment failure or human error
  • ADA Compliant
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Improved communication with riders


  • Destination/Route information is clear, accurate, and timely
  • Synchronize interior messages, next stop announcements & more
  • Creates additional opportunities for local advertisement revenue
  • Automated Voice Announcement, Passenger Counting, GPS/AVL Tracking, and Driver Time/Schedule Management also available

Smart, Efficient and Accurate route management

Our LED Destinator EnCompass™ system is configurable via a secure web interface with pre-set routes, interest points, and landmarks, allowing you to display custom messages at each desired trigger point. For greatest efficiency, route updates are applied automatically to each device wirelessly at chosen intervals. The optional 3G/cellular dispatch system can remotely assign message updates, detours, and stop changes, and can provide instant communication between drivers and dispatch operations.

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Advanced Incromaxx touch-screen MDT by Passio Technologies

Advanced Incromaxx touch-screen MDT
Incromaxx touch-screen MDT
  • Easy to use touch-screen interface
  • Many mounting options available
  • Extremely accurate external SiRF GPS
  • Ruggedized for daily use and vibration
  • Configuration and updates included
  • Trigger points based on actual route
  • Can also display driver name, route name, current temperature/date, arrival and departure time or external RSS feed

Buy America - Made in the USA

Our LED EnCompass & LED Destinator® Signs are proudly made in Michigan in full compliance with the Buy America Act.


About Transign

Transign has been supplying the transit industry with destination signs for over 60 years. Under the committed leadership of the owners and management team, Transign continues to serve the transit industry, backed up by real customer service and technical support.

Made in America
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Limited Lifetime Warranty

The LED Destinator® signs come with a lifetime warranty that outlasts the lifetime of most vehicles (10 years or the life of the vehicle), which means our signs are built to exceed your expectations in reliability and performance. All of our signs come with excellent customer service and our Rapid Return Guarantee. For details about our Limited Lifetime Warranty on our LED Destinator® signs. click here.

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