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Top 5 Key Benefits of Bus Tracking Systems

Your passengers and drivers are the lifeblood of your transportation business. Without them, you might as well not exist. This is why it is important to ensure their safety at all times using a real time bus tracker. Powered by GPS (global positioning system), this technology simplifies the way you can track the location of your fleet, so it is easier to determine if the buses are on time and traversing only on their assigned routes. It also provides a great benefit to riders, as these systems also provide location and arrival times to people awaiting the arrival of their bus, via phone apps.

A good bus locator does not have to come as a separate device. It can be an automatic vehicle location system that is integrated with advanced LED transit signs. This system can provide you and your fleet with the following benefits:

  1. Ensure worry-free commutes and fleet management

The absence of information can have a poor impact on the business bottom line. It also prevents management from identifying opportunities and systematic problems for improvement. A real time bus tracker can help resolve those problems by offering insights and critical information to fleet managers and owners.

  1. Security

Even fleet owners and managers acquire large amounts of data daily, and it is important for them to keep it secure. Moreover, they need to make sure that hackers will not be able to access the tracker. A good bus locator ensures secure real-time data processing and high-quality security features to offer all around protection.

  1. Easy to use

Implementing and using an automatic vehicle location system should not be complicated. Otherwise, you and your staff might not want to use it. High-quality GPS trackers are intuitive and easy to use. GPS data is easy to read and understand to enable quick and informed decision-making on the spot.

  1. Scalable

A high-quality real time bus tracker can be scaled to the unique requirements of the fleet. It can be linked with on-board devices through a centralized mobile data terminal to enable seamless communication with the bus station or terminal information systems and the central management. Some platforms can also be configured to communicate with smart phone mobile apps and devices used by passengers.

The central mobile data terminal is a key feature in an advanced bus locator as it enables several functions, such as fare collection, voice announcements, automated passenger counting, next stop requests, bus route management, on-board bus map locations, and arrival and departure updates in real-time.

  1. Enhanced customer service

Easily accessible real-time location data allows fleet managers and operators to find potential and on-going problems, so they can take immediate action. This way, the impact of such problems can be eliminated or at least be minimized. The bus locator can help fleet managers adjust schedules and routes, in case the GPS shows issues with certain routes.

Discover these benefits yourself

Get an advanced automatic vehicle location system from a reputable company like Transign. By partnering with Passio Technologies, we are able to provide a reliable GPS system in our LED Destinator with cutting-edge software and integrated communication devices to provide safer transportation environments for passengers and pedestrians alike. This real time bus tracker also enables a distraction-free and reliable work environment for maintenance personnel, directors, and operators.

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Voice announcement system: Improving Intelligibility of Transit Industry

While high-quality transit signs are important, they are often not enough. The most successful public transportation fleets these days complement their signage with voice announcement systems to cater to all passengers, especially those with disabilities.  Together with automated vehicle location, they make effective passenger information systems that can enhance the safety and convenience for all passengers and drivers.

The result of technological developments

Automatic vehicle location system solutions continue to improve in terms of reliability and performance. They have become common in public transportation, ensuring schedule adherence and keeping passengers informed of their location throughout their journey. These technologies go well with voice announcement systems that are designed to trigger automatically to state information in real-time, so passengers don’t need to read the sign.

When the system detects a specific location, it announces that the vehicle is about to reach its next stop, and then announces its arrival at the stop. This way, those who may not be able to see or clearly read the transit signs still have a reliable way to find out where they are exactly, and if it is time to get off the vehicle. The system can also provide information about transfers, public service, promotions, safety tips and reminders, and points of interest.

Making commutes safer and more convenient for everyone

Passenger information systems are key to improving the intelligibility of modern transportation systems. Automatic vehicle location and voice announcement systems are practical for a wide range of public transportation vehicles such as buses and trains. They allow fleet owners and operators to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide a more comfortable, convenient, and safe commute to every passenger.

An overview of how it works

A high-quality and smart voice announcement system with an automatic vehicle location system comes with a variable trigger radius, which ensures accurate next stop location-based announcements. It is ADA-compliant and provides public service messages and passenger safety alerts. Integrated software and transportation solutions simplify the compliance of transit business owners and bus operators with industry standards, which specify the number of required devices for every transit vehicle running within fixed medium to large-scale routes. They also ensure that all passengers—including those with disabilities—are provided with sufficient amenities for a comfortable and safe ride.

Connected devices can run from a central mobile data terminal (MDT), which encompasses everything from on-board advertising, geo-fencing maps and route stops, announcements, and stop request signs, to passenger information displays, announcements, and other important transit requirements. Automated and integrated voice prompts may also be practical for alerting people who are waiting at stops about safety alerts and approaching buses, especially on intersections and crosswalks. This feature can be helpful to the visually impaired.

Get high-quality passenger information systems

Transign is committed to providing high-quality smart transportation solutions that aim to simplify operations and ensure universal integration. If you are looking for robust and reliable voice announcement systems, check out our Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) by Passio Technologies. The platform uses inter-connected devices working together to streamline the tasks of technicians, maintenance professionals, directors, and operators. The result? Enhanced safety and efficiency. Passengers benefit from that with its voice announcement system, which helps them navigate their commute more effectively and comfortably.

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Transign Digital Signage: Reliable, Efficient, And Smart Solutions

Commuters demand good customer service when they ride public transportation. They want to remain informed before and during transit so they can make smart decisions for their commute and travel. This means that transit companies have to consider implementing high-quality signage in their fleets. If your company is still using old school transit sign systems, you are wasting the time of commuters who use your services which can negatively impact your fleet’s reputation in the long run.

When it comes to transit signs, there’s no other manufacturer that knows them better than Transign. We are a leading manufacturer of LED display sign systems offering a wide range of transit signage that is perfect for every type or size of fleet. One of our products—the LED Destinator—comes in different colors and sizes to fit any specific display and installation requirement.

Every transit sign by Transign is highly adaptable and versatile, so you should be able to implement and integrate it into your Next Stop, Route, and Destination announcement services. You can count on our products to keep your passengers well-informed, no matter where they are going. Here is a more detailed look at the reliability, ease of use, and intuitiveness of Transign solutions:

How reliable are Transign systems?

A high-quality transit sign is built with a durable steel enclosure with LEDs rated at 100,000 hours. The signs are backed by a limited lifetime warranty so you can avoid much of the guesswork involved should the device experience any problems or require any servicing or repair.

The lifetime warranty from Transign outlasts the lifetime of many vehicles. That means you are getting a sign that will exceed your expectations in performance and reliability. It is also backed by the company’s Rapid Return Guarantee, in case you are not completely satisfied with it.

Transign’s LED display sign is ADA compliant and Buy America certified, which proves that you are investing in a locally made product that is in full compliance. All LED destination signs are proudly made in Michigan.

How easy it is to use a Transign transit sign?

Installing and using Transign’s LED signage is easy. You can get an LED display sign in 24 or 12 VDC, with automatic illumination control to ensure visibility under any lighting condition.

The operator control unit lets you control all signs in your fleet with a custom message or destination. Rest assured—it is easy to use and it is already programmed with your intended destinations when it is delivered to you. You can also use Transign’s software to modify the destinations on your own. Don’t worry—the software is easy to use, too. You can program flashing, scrolling, or static messages, as well as two-line messages with it.

How smart are Transign’s LED display signs?

When you get your LED digital signage from Transign, its programming is free. Software is provided with all control units. Just don’t forget to register your product to receive extended customer support and to get notified about updates.

The sign can accommodate up to 999 destinations, a feature that can be handy if you need to program many destinations and routes. You can get a LED transit sign in many different colors, and regardless of its specifications, it will be backed by Transign’s outstanding customer support.

Why buy from Transign?

Transign has been providing destination signs to North America’s transit industry for more than six decades now. Our management team and owners remain committed to delivering the highest-quality products, services, and support to their customers. When you buy a LED display sign from Transign, you can be confident that it will be backed by real technical support and responsive customer service teams.

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Transign Technology Increases Efficiency and Ridership for Transit Agencies

When you manage a transit agency, you have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. One of them is ensuring a safe, comfortable, and convenient way for passengers to travel or commute. To achieve this, it’s important to invest in modern technologies that will help keep them informed and capable of making smarter travel decisions before and during transit. That’s where a high-quality transit sign comes in. If you need state-of-the-art solutions, consider looking into the passenger information system by Transign.
It’s even more important to upgrade to a better transportation sign when your current system is struggling to keep up with the needs and demands of your passengers. An outdated passenger information system could cause costly delays and mistakes with your valuable operations. Moreover, it can negatively impact your business operations down the line, especially when you lose ridership and experience difficulties in increasing the efficiency of your fleet.
You can get a full solution of cutting-edge technology for transit signs from Transign. The company’s partnership with Passio Technologies enables it to deliver effective and reliable passenger information systems that can be beneficial for both your business and your passengers. The Transign transit sign system comes with the following features that will help your transit agency in the long run:

  • On-board passenger information – This is not your typical passenger information system. It offers a complete transit sign solution that can do everything from displaying destination and route information to public safety announcements, messages, and advertising. The all-inclusive LED display also offers synchronized messaging to keep all fleets up-to-date in delivering important information to passengers.
  • Automatic passenger counting – An enhanced passenger counting system can improve the rider experience and deliver analytics to the transit agency. This way, ridership levels can be accurately measured while in transit. This also eliminates the need to rely on manual counters or clickers.
  • On-board audio and visual communication – The on-board passenger information system from Transign allows you to show audio and visual presentations so you get a versatile transportation sign with extended capabilities in disseminating information and effective promotional messages. Likewise, the displays can show route maps and real-time information to the passengers.
  • Enhanced route management – With Transign technology, you get a highly configurable system using a secure web interface. This makes it easy to manage pre-recorded routes, interest points, and landmarks. You may display custom messages at each preset trigger point, and automatically apply updates to routes wirelessly to every sign at specific intervals.

For your convenience, you may consider the optional cellular/GPS dispatch system to remotely show detours, message updates, and assign stop changes. It can also      implement instant communication between your drivers and dispatch operators.

  • Hands-free operation – Distracted driving is one of the major causes of vehicular accidents on the road. You can avoid that and keep your drivers and passengers safe and secure with Transign’s intuitive passenger information system, which comes with hands-free capabilities to eliminate distractions. This should also encourage safer driving habits. The transportation signage has GPS-based message progression to display real-time route information. That way, service interruptions can be minimized when equipment failure and human error can be avoided.


Time to enhance your transit agency’s service and ridership

Get in touch with Transign to learn more about this passenger information system, which is proudly Michigan-made and in complete compliance with the Buy America Act. Every transit sign product from this company is a reliable workhorse. Transign has been supplying innovative transportation signage to the transit industry for more than 60 years. Additionally, all products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and full customer service and technical support.

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How To Improve Fleet Management – Challenges And Solutions

Does your business consist of fleet vehicles that are crucial to your daily operations? It’s always a good idea to invest in modern fleet management solutions to overcome challenges in fleet-related expenses. This is especially true for public transportation companies looking to improve services for their passengers. You may want to explore transportation signage solutions by Transign to improve your fleet management and reduce your costs in the long run.

Understanding fleet management

It’s not just about operating and owning a range of vehicles. Fleet management is the full coordination and management of your entire fleet of vehicles. Thus, it encompasses every aspect of the lifecycle of each vehicle, such as acquisition and utilization, as well as maintenance and retirement. The goal of fleet management is to minimize operational costs, mitigate risks, boost efficiency, and ensure fleet reliability and safety. Moreover, it helps in keeping your company compliant with all regulatory standards.

Challenges in fleet management

Before we discuss how transportation signage can help your business, it pays to know the challenges faced by most fleet managers and how to solve them. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Lack of visibility – Without the right technologies, fleet managers are left guessing where their vehicles and drivers are. They cannot completely rely on real-time reports or updates from drivers when they need to give customers an update on their whereabouts. Fleet visibility is also critical to the security of the drivers and vehicles, as it can offer insight on the exact location of a vehicle in case it breaks down somewhere or if it is stolen.

    Transign offers transportation signage solutions like GPS signs, which are delivered with help from Passio Technologies. The signs are equipped with advanced software and integrated communications devices to enable safer transportation environments for drivers, operators, passengers, and maintenance personnel.
  • Poor routing schedule – It’s often too late before drivers realize that some roads are impassable or certain routes take longer to traverse due to conditions like sudden, unexpected traffic or an accident. Fleet managers are also challenged when they need to make adjustments in case of breakdowns, customer cancellations, or driver shortage.

    Transportation signage can help in ensuring timeliness in providing services. Some signs come with technology to track the vehicle, so fleet managers can advise drivers to optimize routes, maximize journeys, and dispatch drivers more effectively in real-time.
  • Driver safety – Distracted drivers, speeding, and driving under the influence are among the top reasons for fatal crashes. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) found that 4,400 buses and large trucks were involved in such crashes in 2016. It’s definitely crucial for fleet managers to prioritize driver safety. Real-time tracking of vehicles can help your drivers avoid accidents and prevent your business from getting sued. It may also eliminate costs associated with untimely vehicle repair and downtime.
  • Fleet expenses – Transportation companies can lose money because of lack of vehicle visibility, delays in vehicle maintenance, poorly maintained vehicles, failure to comply with regulations, and driver abuse.

How to solve these issues

Fleet Management Challenges And Solutions

Fleet management is definitely key to efficient transit operations. It can help ensure that your vehicles and other relevant assets are in good condition and that services are provided on time, without exceeding your budget. Investing in the right transportation signage with cutting-edge technologies that allow location tracking and analytics can get you started in improving your fleet management process and standards.

Cutting-edge transportation signage by Transign can get you started by improving your fleet management and overcoming those challenges. Transign offers state-of-the-art products like the GPS-enabled LED Destinator system, passenger information systems, roller curtain signs, and LED destination signs, all of which are designed to improve customer service and fleet management.

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How Smart Technologies Can Help Ease Public Transportation Concerns in A Post Pandemic World

Public transportation is critical to the daily lives of millions of people. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has cast doubt on its safety. As the economy reopens and public transportation becomes widely available again, it is more important than ever for transportation companies to address the concerns of commuters who wish to use their services. Investing in cutting-edge transportation sign solutions with integrated smart technologies may be able to help with this goal.

Transportation problems during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many aspects in the way we live—most notably in the way we get around. It had a huge impact on public transportation, as public spaces were deemed risky for facilitating fast transmission of the coronavirus from one person to another. The challenge that most transportation companies face in the post-pandemic world is making sure that their services are safe and can help reduce the risk of infection. To overcome that challenge, transportation companies will need to invest in smart transportation systems, such as a LED scrolling display, which can help show health and safety advisories to passengers.

Public transportation systems are most at risk of disease outbreaks because they tend to become crowded and passengers are likely to sit or stand close to one another. By adopting smart digital technologies like the transportation sign powered by IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence), transit companies may be able to operate effectively and safely in the new normal while implementing public safety measures. These technologies allow the spread of the coronavirus to be monitored so that corrective action can be taken at critical points.

Even before the pandemic affected public health and safety, companies like Transign have already come up with intelligent products integrated with smart technologies to increase passenger and driver safety and convenience on the road. One of these products is the LED Destinator, a LED scrolling display that can be used by all kinds of fleets. It comes in different sizes and colors to suit any display and installation requirements. The LED display is highly adaptable and versatile, as it can be fully integrated into Next Stop, Route, and Destination announcement services. This way, customers are always updated.

By implementing smart technologies in public transportation, transit companies can keep up with the government’s health and safety protocols and regulations. Governments are also focused on implementing intelligent transportation systems to meet the growing need for connectivity and finding solutions to minimize traffic fatalities. These technologies are also crucial to transportation companies looking to meet customer preferences.

When these factors are combined with the increasing need for solid public safety measures in the post-pandemic world, the development, improvement, and implementation of intelligent transit systems and networks may be prioritized.

Factors that affect the selection of smart technologies in public transportation

GPS Sign

Governments and transit companies must look into these critical areas when considering effective cutting-edge transportation solutions during and after the pandemic:

  • Temperature control and hygiene – Optical and thermal sensors, humidity checks, hand hygiene monitoring, routine UV disinfecting, and other measures must be implemented and automated to ensure the highest health and safety standards.
  • Quick response to demand – In the post-pandemic world, public transportation must operate with proper hygiene and social distancing measures implemented. User demand may fluctuate, so operators need to be dynamic in meeting those changes. That means adjusting the way they dispatch vehicles on certain routes, suspending services based on government directives, meeting capacity, and load restrictions, etc.

Finding the right technologies to meet the demands and standards in a post-pandemic world can be challenging. Transign can help you. Talk to us to explore advanced solutions.

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Transit LED Sign: Create A Safer Transportation Ecosystem

Imagine public transportation without transit signage. This would mean unpredictable schedules and not knowing where a particular bus or train would go, resulting in poor customer service and confusion all around. Static transit signs certainly help, but you can save time and money by shifting to innovative LED transit signage. The upgrade can give your transportation company the edge it needs to stand out from the competition while making sure that your passengers are well-informed on routes, stops, and schedules. Transit LED signs can also help them recognize how close they are to their destination.

Technology and Convenience

The previous decade alone was a showcase of how technology evolved and revolutionized most aspects of our lives, from the way we communicate to the way we get around. Big data, analytics, digital platforms, and cloud computing continue to become a bigger part of our daily routines. These days, these technologies are being integrated into transportation systems—including public transit—particularly through transit signage. Where safety is a top priority in the ecosystem of road transport, there is a need for effective transit signs to keep passengers properly informed and capable of making smarter decisions for their commute.

Innovation is part of the movement to keep enhancing transit operations. It introduced new technologies such as LED transit signage, which helped public transportation companies become more cost-efficient and effective at delivering helpful, time-saving solutions to passengers.

LED is an energy-saving solution that provides a more versatile method of delivering service advisories to passengers. It is a more practical way to display announcements, too, as it eliminates the need to manually write, draw, or paint signs as is done on analog or static signage.

Make information easier to read

LED transit signs are easily visible and really do attract attention, as their brilliant lighting can easily be read over 500 feet away. That makes them helpful in disseminating information to passengers and brings convenience to their commutes.

Keeping passengers well-informed reflects on your commitment to serving them well. They are more likely to appreciate your service when they know that you care about their safety and well-being during their travels.

Just be sure to choose the right LED transit signage. You can’t go wrong with scrolling LED signs from Transign.

Scrolling LED transit signs are sure to draw attention with their bright screens and easy-to-read text. They keep passengers focused on the message pertaining to travel advisories, schedules, and routes.

Led Sign


Keeping everyone safe

Technology is key to improving the safety of public transportation. It provides cost-efficient and time-saving processes while delivering innovative ways to solve problems. By investing in LED transit signs, you are not merely embracing technology and innovation—you are also introducing a safer and more convenient way to travel. Some of the best signs do more than just provide information. They are integrated with other systems, like GPS, for real-time vehicle tracking.

You can also find transit signage that lets you update information, such as routes and timetables, in real-time when connected to the internet, or through a thumb drive. This way, you do not have to worry about manually updating transit signs to enhance productivity and optimize your fleet’s scheduled travel times.

Not just for safety

Providing up-to-date information is not the only benefit of using LED transit signs. These innovative digital signage solutions can be used to bring in additional revenue to your transit company. Businesses can partner with you to promote or advertise their services or products on your LED transit signage, and display monitors, thereby creating a new stream of income. Creative ads can even entertain passengers during their commute.

Interested? Contact Transign for LED signage solutions that will suit your needs.

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GPS Sign for Buses – Handle Real-Time Information at Ease

Transit signs in the past were static, but technology gave way to digital signs that continue to provide new features, such as tracking and the delivery of real-time information. The GPS sign system is proof of this progress. It improves fleet management while delivering flexibility and a cost-effective way to track the exact location and positioning of vehicles.

Transit GPS devices come in many different forms, and these signs are among them. These modern and high-end transit signs revolutionize public transportation and fleet management to improve passenger services and safety.

The GPS sign system is a convenient addition to your fleet of buses, especially when you want to provide better service to your passengers. It’s among the innovative technological developments that enable fleet managers and owners to keep track of trips more accurately and efficiently.

With transit GPS signs, you get the exact details about the vehicle, identification number, and route from your preferred device. This enables more mobility and flexibility to fleet managers as it allows tracking and viewing of real-time information no matter where they are using smart touchscreen devices.

A great investment

Commuters continue to rely on modern GPS rider apps to track bus schedules, stops, and trips. Those rider-facing solutions are proven to be helpful in planning trips. That said, bus companies could do well with the same solutions tailored specifically for their operations. The GPS sign system provides field staff with a means to track a bus service’s real-time status. With this device, fleet managers could migrate to a paperless way of managing their services and schedules down the line.

Bus Sign

The latest innovations in transit GPS signs introduced revolutionary features that could enhance public transportation. They include passenger information systems, GPS sign system networks, and other practical functions for managing transportation fleets. Together, the following features have the potential to improve passenger services:

  • GPS tracking – There’s no need to get a separate GPS tracking device in addition to digital signage systems for buses. The GPS sign system is an all-in-one solution that provides fleet managers a more simple way to track and monitor the exact location of a vehicle at a particular time.The transit GPS sign system comes with a live map tracking feature to locate vehicles and help fleet managers determine any delays or changes in schedules. By viewing real-time location, fleet managers can efficiently manage bus routes and schedules to keep passengers informed.
  • Real-time alerts – The GPS sign provides real-time status to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers alike. With a feature like geo-fencing, the transit GPS system can deliver notifications or alerts to fleet managers should the bus go beyond its assigned route. Some systems can even alert managers and operators when a bus is traveling over a recommended speed limit.
  • Accurate record-keeping – Real-time information is provided by the GPS sign system itself, to fleet managers to help eliminate inconsistencies and mistakes caused when drivers report by themselves. That information is practical for maintaining fleet records, which may be needed should issues arise and require an investigation. That data is also useful for evaluating the fleet performance or a certain driver or unit.


Information at your fingertips

The right transit GPS sign will provide the information you need in just a few clicks on your device. This solution should empower your staff and drivers to work better and deliver enhanced customer service every time. Just be sure to invest in the right signage from the right provider - Transign. We specialize in high-quality passenger information systems and signage solutions, such as GPS sign systems for buses. Transign is committed to pursuing innovative signage products and solutions and bringing these to fleet managers.

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Traffic Management with Digital LED Destination Display Boards

LED destination signs can be mounted almost anywhere on a bus— on the front (above the windshield), rear, or side for maximum visibility. These digital display boards provide vital information including the bus number, route, and destination to make the commuting experience much more comfortable for riders. Some of the best systems can also be programmed to display intermediate points on the ongoing route and other such information that may be useful, like when the route is exceptionally long and the final terminus on its own is not helpful in determining where the bus is going.

Most present-day destination signs use light-emitting diode (LED) panels, which have the ability to display animated text, different colors, and an unlimited number of routes (as long as they are programmed into the controller unit). Some units even allow drivers to use a keypad to write the destination and route number. You will also find internal LED signs that can show different kinds of information, including the next stop.

Why use LED destination signs?

When it comes to visibility in all weather conditions, practicality, and scalability, nothing quite beats the LED sign. It’s no wonder it has become an integral part of comprehensive passenger information systems.

LED destination signs are designed to be robust and are easy to install and maintain. They offer excellent legibility in almost all environments, being fitted with auto-brightness adjustment to optimize visibility while significantly reducing power consumption.

LED destination signs can also be updated remotely in real-time to deliver accurate and up-to-the-minute information that ultimately helps maintain a smooth flow for both passengers and transportation companies. The control software is intuitive and simple to use. The system allows the display of messages in multiple languages and in a wide range of presentation styles.

Where can you get high-quality LED destination signs in the US?

When it comes to something as important as destination signs for your fleet, it’s always a good idea to work with a US-based manufacturer or supplier.

Transign is the LED sign specialist to contact if you need these solutions for your fleet. We specialize in onboard signage and other solutions that can help your passengers travel safely and stay informed.

LED destination signs


Transign’s LED Destinator™ series is one of the leading LED destination signs available today. It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, and both 12 and 24 VDC variants to fit all kinds of installation and display requirements. Choose from static, flashing, or scrolling messages based on your needs and particular applications. Two-line messages are likewise supported.

These signs—which feature durable steel enclosures—are highly adaptable and keep your customers informed throughout their journey. They are easy to install and use, featuring automatic illumination control and access to responsive customer support. The LED lights are rated at 100,000 hours.

Transign also offers free initial programming on its LED destination signs. The control unit comes with free software that allows users to control multiple signs, each with their own message. It is easy to manage and can be pre-programmed with destinations upon delivery (up to 999 destinations can be programmed into each sign). Modifying the information is quick and simple, and you can always call customer support should you need assistance.

What’s more, Transign’s LED sign is ADA Compliant and Certified “Buy America.” Each product is warrantied for life—which likely means that they will outlast the service lifetime of most buses. They are truly built to exceed expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

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LED Bus Signs and Their Applications

The transportation business is not just about getting people from point A to B. If you want to establish your brand as a reliable provider, it’s also important to deliver an easy and pleasant passenger experience every time. This is why the most successful transportation hubs in the US and the world use LED bus signs - and why you should, too.

A digital bus destination sign uses LED technology to provide real-time information—such as destination, route, and next-stop announcements—to let passengers know exactly what is happening so they can plan their commute. Durable and versatile LED bus signs also provide added utility in the form of wayfinding, advertising, Electronic Video Information Display Systems (or EVIDS), and many other applications.

Easy to read

LED bus signs are designed for immediate visibility so that passengers can easily read your message no matter what the lighting condition. In fact, a good quality digital bus destination sign is visible even in dimly lit conditions or bad weather, up to 500 feet. The best ones are ADA compliant as well.

Quickly updated

Do you need to communicate route changes, delays, special announcements, public service advisories, or even information on an emergency that affects the riding public? Give your passengers updates quickly and effectively via your LED bus signs. These solutions come with control units that allow you to control multiple bus signs to make modifying your message quick and simple. Here at Transign, you will even receive free initial programming of your LED bus signs, which come with a control unit loaded with free software. Simply register your products to enjoy extended customer support.


LED is an efficient technology that is cheaper to run because it doesn’t consume much energy. It’s energy-saving and eco-friendly. It is also very easy to maintain because it doesn’t have any glass tubes or gasses. LED bus signs never burn out and are easy to clean. They are designed to be much more rugged for constant and heavy use, especially in outdoor applications and changing weather and vibration conditions. Our LED bus signs are made with durable steel enclosures and LEDs rated at 100K hours. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

bus destination sign

Potential for revenue

LED bus signs are not just for displaying transport-related information. You can also use them as advertising space. Scrolling displays, in particular, are very effective in marketing because they keep passengers anticipating the next word or line. You can certainly create another stream of income for your transportation business by selling ad space on your digital bus signs.

Better customer service

Static signs are notorious for being inefficient for delivering traffic advisories. This is why it’s important to invest in a digital bus destination sign if you’re serious about providing better services to your passengers. You can update the text in real-time to make sure that your passengers get up-to-the-minute information—which is crucial when there are changes in schedules or routes due to traffic accidents and other such matters.

When transportation companies need powerful display platforms for enhancing their vehicles, they turn to Transign. Our Michigan-based factory provides LED bus signs and other types of digital displays for many uses, including wayfinding and passenger info.

Made in the USA and protected by industry-leading warranties, the Transign bus destination sign exceeds all applicable quality and safety standards and is in full compliance with the Buy America Act. We have been making signs for the transit industry for over six decades and our commitment remains the same: To provide LED display solutions that can make your transportation business more efficient while ensuring that your passengers are riding safe and smart.

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