While high-quality transit signs are important, they are often not enough. The most successful public transportation fleets these days complement their signage with voice announcement systems to cater to all passengers, especially those with disabilities.  Together with automated vehicle location, they make effective passenger information systems that can enhance the safety and convenience for all passengers and drivers.

The result of technological developments

Automatic vehicle location system solutions continue to improve in terms of reliability and performance. They have become common in public transportation, ensuring schedule adherence and keeping passengers informed of their location throughout their journey. These technologies go well with voice announcement systems that are designed to trigger automatically to state information in real-time, so passengers don’t need to read the sign.

When the system detects a specific location, it announces that the vehicle is about to reach its next stop, and then announces its arrival at the stop. This way, those who may not be able to see or clearly read the transit signs still have a reliable way to find out where they are exactly, and if it is time to get off the vehicle. The system can also provide information about transfers, public service, promotions, safety tips and reminders, and points of interest.

Making commutes safer and more convenient for everyone

Passenger information systems are key to improving the intelligibility of modern transportation systems. Automatic vehicle location and voice announcement systems are practical for a wide range of public transportation vehicles such as buses and trains. They allow fleet owners and operators to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provide a more comfortable, convenient, and safe commute to every passenger.

An overview of how it works

A high-quality and smart voice announcement system with an automatic vehicle location system comes with a variable trigger radius, which ensures accurate next stop location-based announcements. It is ADA-compliant and provides public service messages and passenger safety alerts. Integrated software and transportation solutions simplify the compliance of transit business owners and bus operators with industry standards, which specify the number of required devices for every transit vehicle running within fixed medium to large-scale routes. They also ensure that all passengers—including those with disabilities—are provided with sufficient amenities for a comfortable and safe ride.

Connected devices can run from a central mobile data terminal (MDT), which encompasses everything from on-board advertising, geo-fencing maps and route stops, announcements, and stop request signs, to passenger information displays, announcements, and other important transit requirements. Automated and integrated voice prompts may also be practical for alerting people who are waiting at stops about safety alerts and approaching buses, especially on intersections and crosswalks. This feature can be helpful to the visually impaired.

Get high-quality passenger information systems

Transign is committed to providing high-quality smart transportation solutions that aim to simplify operations and ensure universal integration. If you are looking for robust and reliable voice announcement systems, check out our Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) by Passio Technologies. The platform uses inter-connected devices working together to streamline the tasks of technicians, maintenance professionals, directors, and operators. The result? Enhanced safety and efficiency. Passengers benefit from that with its voice announcement system, which helps them navigate their commute more effectively and comfortably.