Bus Stop Locator

Bus routes and location tracking services enable riders to determine schedules and routes, so they can plan their trip accordingly. Transign’s bus stop locator is a helpful tool for commuters because it lets them know when the next bus is coming or where they can catch the next ride. It’s also helpful for parents who want to track their children’s commute.
The Transign bus stop locator lets your passengers find the nearest bus stops, explore pickup and drop off times, and view the location’s address. The locator can even provide the location’s street view to make it easier to find.
Are you a fleet operator? Transign offers a bus stop locator that can be integrated with Transign passenger information systems for an easier and cost-effective way to let your riders monitor and track bus routes. It will allow them to plan their commutes more conveniently, so that they don’t miss their ride. It can help you improve the passenger experience and build a loyal rider base. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products and solutions.


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Our Bus Stop Locator™ is proudly made in Michigan in full compliance with the Buy America Act.


About Transign

Transign has been supplying the transit industry with Bus Stop Locator for over 60 years. Under the committed leadership of the owners and management team, Transign continues to serve the transit industry, backed up by real customer service and technical support.

Made in America
transign limited lifetime warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Bus Stop Locator™ comes with a lifetime warranty that outlasts the lifetime of most vehicles (10 years or the life of the vehicle), which means our Bus Stop Locator is built to exceed your expectations in reliability and performance. All of our signs come with excellent customer service and our Rapid Return Guarantee. For details about our Limited Lifetime Warranty on our Bus Stop Locator™. click here.

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