Upgrading your passenger information system to accommodate the modern needs of today’s commuting public is an absolute must if you want to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Transign offers a complete solution, through our alliance with Passio Technologies, that includes a long list of benefits to both your business operations and your valued passengers:

  • Automatic passenger counting

    – Transign’s improved system enhances overall ride experience and allows for business analytic reporting functions through its automated passenger counter. This enables an accurate measurement of ridership levels while in transit.

  • On-board bus passenger information

    – Imagine a passenger sign solution that does everything from displaying critical route and destination information to advertising and public safety messages and announcements. This is exactly what Transign’s all inclusive LED display solution offers, including providing synchronized messaging.

  • On-board visual and audio communication

    – Audio/visual presentations also have a place within the Transign on-board passenger information display system, expanding signage system’s capabilities to allow for more opportunities to disseminate information and initiate promotions effectively. These displays can even display route maps and provide real-time information to passengers on board.

  • Hands-free operation

    – Drivers also benefit from hands-free capabilities that help eliminate additional distractions while encouraging safer driving habits. Thanks to GPS-based message progression, real-time route information can likewise be displayed. Service interruptions are also reduced as human error and equipment failure are avoided.

  • Accurate route management

    – This on-board sign system is also configurable through a highly secure web interface using pre-recorded routes, landmarks, and interest points. Custom messages may likewise be displayed at every preset trigger point. Route updates may be applied automatically and wirelessly to each device at your desired intervals. Transign’s optional 3G cellular dispatch system has the ability to remotely assign stop changes, message updates and detours, while providing instant communication between dispatch operators and drivers.


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Transign has been supplying the transit industry with destination signs for over 60 years. Under the committed leadership of the owners and management team, Transign continues to serve the transit industry, backed up by real customer service and technical support.

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