Commuters demand good customer service when they ride public transportation. They want to remain informed before and during transit so they can make smart decisions for their commute and travel. This means that transit companies have to consider implementing high-quality signage in their fleets. If your company is still using old school transit sign systems, you are wasting the time of commuters who use your services which can negatively impact your fleet’s reputation in the long run.

When it comes to transit signs, there’s no other manufacturer that knows them better than Transign. We are a leading manufacturer of LED display sign systems offering a wide range of transit signage that is perfect for every type or size of fleet. One of our products—the LED Destinator—comes in different colors and sizes to fit any specific display and installation requirement.

Every transit sign by Transign is highly adaptable and versatile, so you should be able to implement and integrate it into your Next Stop, Route, and Destination announcement services. You can count on our products to keep your passengers well-informed, no matter where they are going. Here is a more detailed look at the reliability, ease of use, and intuitiveness of Transign solutions:

How reliable are Transign systems?

A high-quality transit sign is built with a durable steel enclosure with LEDs rated at 100,000 hours. The signs are backed by a limited lifetime warranty so you can avoid much of the guesswork involved should the device experience any problems or require any servicing or repair.

The lifetime warranty from Transign outlasts the lifetime of many vehicles. That means you are getting a sign that will exceed your expectations in performance and reliability. It is also backed by the company’s Rapid Return Guarantee, in case you are not completely satisfied with it.

Transign’s LED display sign is ADA compliant and Buy America certified, which proves that you are investing in a locally made product that is in full compliance. All LED destination signs are proudly made in Michigan.

How easy it is to use a Transign transit sign?

Installing and using Transign’s LED signage is easy. You can get an LED display sign in 24 or 12 VDC, with automatic illumination control to ensure visibility under any lighting condition.

The operator control unit lets you control all signs in your fleet with a custom message or destination. Rest assured—it is easy to use and it is already programmed with your intended destinations when it is delivered to you. You can also use Transign’s software to modify the destinations on your own. Don’t worry—the software is easy to use, too. You can program flashing, scrolling, or static messages, as well as two-line messages with it.

How smart are Transign’s LED display signs?

When you get your LED digital signage from Transign, its programming is free. Software is provided with all control units. Just don’t forget to register your product to receive extended customer support and to get notified about updates.

The sign can accommodate up to 999 destinations, a feature that can be handy if you need to program many destinations and routes. You can get a LED transit sign in many different colors, and regardless of its specifications, it will be backed by Transign’s outstanding customer support.

Why buy from Transign?

Transign has been providing destination signs to North America’s transit industry for more than six decades now. Our management team and owners remain committed to delivering the highest-quality products, services, and support to their customers. When you buy a LED display sign from Transign, you can be confident that it will be backed by real technical support and responsive customer service teams.