Meeting deadlines, providing efficient service, and improving operations is the cornerstone of customer satisfaction. Route management software uses the latest technology that works with other passenger information systems to ensure that drivers have access to the most optimal routes and successfully execute their tasks. 

Effective route optimization programs offer real-time data and actionable insights that go well beyond the limitations of manual route apparatus - helping organizations build additional competitive advantages.

Here are some of the benefits of route management software for transit industries:


Route management software helps identify the most cost-effective routes. According to recent studies, taking the optimized route can save fuel costs by almost 30%. Additionally, the lesser time the vehicle stays on the road, the lesser are the maintenance costs. Also, since everything is taken care of by the software, staff need not spend numerous hours looking for critical data.

Identify new opportunities

With route management software, a transit business has access to more information and better tools to generate estimated time of arrival, plan transit schedules, and optimize routes. This has become even more critical due to the rise of e-commerce and fierce retail competition. Using a unified solution, the transit industry can proactively identify new opportunities to reduce cost and continuously optimize operations in real-time. 

Improved efficiency

Route management software makes it quite simple and easy for the dispatcher to assign routes and track vehicles. With the technology, the team can monitor delays, route deviation, accidents, idling, and promptly respond to emergencies. With such critical insights, the transit team is better positioned to make efficient decisions. A computer map helps dispatchers know every vehicle's exact location in real-time. 

Improved productivity

Longer breaks, deviating from routes, and not managing time efficiently can cost the business serious money. Route management software adequately addresses this issue. With GPS tracking technology, managers can monitor their drivers' actions and take necessary decisions in a timely fashion. 

Route Management SoftwareInstantly plan complex routes with multiple stops

This technology will help you instantly (and optimally) plan routes with multiple stops while taking into account variables such as vehicle type, capacity, driving working hours, unique destination time windows, and more.

In a nutshell, Route management software minimizes the overall distance to the destination, reducing the amount of fuel consumed and monitoring drivers' activity to ensure that safe driving practices are being followed. Route management software enables the transit industry to reduce inefficiencies, understand operations, and gain additional ROI when the capability is embedded with Transign's open integration hardware that will offer an entire solution