LED destination signs can be mounted almost anywhere on a bus— on the front (above the windshield), rear, or side for maximum visibility. These digital display boards provide vital information including the bus number, route, and destination to make the commuting experience much more comfortable for riders. Some of the best systems can also be programmed to display intermediate points on the ongoing route and other such information that may be useful, like when the route is exceptionally long and the final terminus on its own is not helpful in determining where the bus is going.

Most present-day destination signs use light-emitting diode (LED) panels, which have the ability to display animated text, different colors, and an unlimited number of routes (as long as they are programmed into the controller unit). Some units even allow drivers to use a keypad to write the destination and route number. You will also find internal LED signs that can show different kinds of information, including the next stop.

Why use LED destination signs?

When it comes to visibility in all weather conditions, practicality, and scalability, nothing quite beats the LED sign. It’s no wonder it has become an integral part of comprehensive passenger information systems.

LED destination signs are designed to be robust and are easy to install and maintain. They offer excellent legibility in almost all environments, being fitted with auto-brightness adjustment to optimize visibility while significantly reducing power consumption.

LED destination signs can also be updated remotely in real-time to deliver accurate and up-to-the-minute information that ultimately helps maintain a smooth flow for both passengers and transportation companies. The control software is intuitive and simple to use. The system allows the display of messages in multiple languages and in a wide range of presentation styles.

Where can you get high-quality LED destination signs in the US?

When it comes to something as important as destination signs for your fleet, it’s always a good idea to work with a US-based manufacturer or supplier.

Transign is the LED sign specialist to contact if you need these solutions for your fleet. We specialize in onboard signage and other solutions that can help your passengers travel safely and stay informed.

LED destination signs


Transign’s LED Destinator® series is one of the leading LED destination signs available today. It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, and both 12 and 24 VDC variants to fit all kinds of installation and display requirements. Choose from static, flashing, or scrolling messages based on your needs and particular applications. Two-line messages are likewise supported.

These signs—which feature durable steel enclosures—are highly adaptable and keep your customers informed throughout their journey. They are easy to install and use, featuring automatic illumination control and access to responsive customer support. The LED lights are rated at 100,000 hours.

Transign also offers free initial programming on its LED destination signs. The control unit comes with free software that allows users to control multiple signs, each with their own message. It is easy to manage and can be pre-programmed with destinations upon delivery (up to 999 destinations can be programmed into each sign). Modifying the information is quick and simple, and you can always call customer support should you need assistance.

What’s more, Transign’s LED sign is ADA Compliant and Certified “Buy America.” Each product is warrantied for life—which likely means that they will outlast the service lifetime of most buses. They are truly built to exceed expectations in terms of performance and reliability.