The transportation business is not just about getting people from point A to B. If you want to establish your brand as a reliable provider, it’s also important to deliver an easy and pleasant passenger experience every time. This is why the most successful transportation hubs in the US and the world use LED bus signs - and why you should, too.

A digital bus destination sign uses LED technology to provide real-time information—such as destination, route, and next-stop announcements—to let passengers know exactly what is happening so they can plan their commute. Durable and versatile LED bus signs also provide added utility in the form of wayfinding, advertising, Electronic Video Information Display Systems (or EVIDS), and many other applications.

Easy to read

LED bus signs are designed for immediate visibility so that passengers can easily read your message no matter what the lighting condition. In fact, a good quality digital bus destination sign is visible even in dimly lit conditions or bad weather, up to 500 feet. The best ones are ADA compliant as well.

Quickly updated

Do you need to communicate route changes, delays, special announcements, public service advisories, or even information on an emergency that affects the riding public? Give your passengers updates quickly and effectively via your LED bus signs. These solutions come with control units that allow you to control multiple bus signs to make modifying your message quick and simple. Here at Transign, you will even receive free initial programming of your LED bus signs, which come with a control unit loaded with free software. Simply register your products to enjoy extended customer support.


LED is an efficient technology that is cheaper to run because it doesn’t consume much energy. It’s energy-saving and eco-friendly. It is also very easy to maintain because it doesn’t have any glass tubes or gasses. LED bus signs never burn out and are easy to clean. They are designed to be much more rugged for constant and heavy use, especially in outdoor applications and changing weather and vibration conditions. Our LED bus signs are made with durable steel enclosures and LEDs rated at 100K hours. They also come with a lifetime warranty.

bus destination sign

Potential for revenue

LED bus signs are not just for displaying transport-related information. You can also use them as advertising space. Scrolling displays, in particular, are very effective in marketing because they keep passengers anticipating the next word or line. You can certainly create another stream of income for your transportation business by selling ad space on your digital bus signs.

Better customer service

Static signs are notorious for being inefficient for delivering traffic advisories. This is why it’s important to invest in a digital bus destination sign if you’re serious about providing better services to your passengers. You can update the text in real-time to make sure that your passengers get up-to-the-minute information—which is crucial when there are changes in schedules or routes due to traffic accidents and other such matters.

When transportation companies need powerful display platforms for enhancing their vehicles, they turn to Transign. Our Michigan-based factory provides LED bus signs and other types of digital displays for many uses, including wayfinding and passenger info.

Made in the USA and protected by industry-leading warranties, the Transign bus destination sign exceeds all applicable quality and safety standards and is in full compliance with the Buy America Act. We have been making signs for the transit industry for over six decades and our commitment remains the same: To provide LED display solutions that can make your transportation business more efficient while ensuring that your passengers are riding safe and smart.