Not all people are blessed with an impeccable sense of direction, and not everyone is well versed in local commute routes. Even the most basic transportation sign can be a lifesaver to a confused traveler. This is why through the years, transit signage, bus destination sign generator, and all other forms of transportation signs remain relevant tools of communication in the transit industry. With more than 5 decades of service in the industry, Transign is concrete proof of the success of digital bus signs and passenger information systems. An established leader of innovative products in the transit signage market, Transign has seen transportation sign trends come and go, and has witnessed the continued success of these communication tools in the transit industry. Below are the top 3 reasons why digital bus signs are such crucial tools of communication in transportation:

  • They offer accurate and timely information delivery. Digital transit signs have come a long way from vintage bus signs to rolling curtain signs and static bus destination displays, or even the bus destination sign generator. Today, digital technology makes it possible for transit signs to display accurate and up-to-date information, allowing people to view the real-time status of their train or bus schedule. During transit, digital signs can also be implemented to display almost any kind of information you want passengers, travelers, and commuters to know about.
  • Today, a transit sign is so much more than a wayfinding device. Thanks to new technology, digital displays can now spread more information than ever. Another reason why digital transportation signs have been such a success over the years is because of technological integration, which now allows timely, up-to-date, and dynamic means of displaying information. This also opens up more opportunities to maximize investment on signage hardware by making use of digital transit signs as marketing channels.
  • Finally, transit signs ultimately offer easier means of travel, thanks to the amount of information they contain. In the advent of interactive display solutions, transportation signs are even more capable of enhancing people’s travel experiences by helping them find the information they need in the most convenient manner. Digital bus and transit signs offer extreme transit versatility and convenience for travelers.