When it comes to bus signage, the function is often a priority over aesthetics. Vintage bus destination blinds can offer both. These anachronistic-looking signs have a classic allure that still looks stylish even in today’s age of digital displays. Despite modern LED bus signs being widely used today, old-school destination signs are still preferred by some transit companies looking to preserve tradition. 

Vintage bus blinds were widely used in the 1960s on buses that served major cities. They proved to be practical in helping the riding public organize their trips. High-quality bus destination blinds back in the day were typically made from hand-printed backlit linen rolls indicating the destinations and routes.

In the 1980s, modern materials allowed for the manufacture of stronger, more durable, and more legible bus destination blinds. They were machine produced and remained in use until digital solutions began replacing them in the following years.

Why use these vintage signs?

The purpose of vintage bus destination blinds remains the same: to provide a visual guide for passengers to let them know where they’re headed.

These classic signs are still used by some transit companies today despite the availability of modern digital LED signs. They’re making a comeback not only because of their timeless aesthetic but also because of their practicality.

Low cost Low cost

Bus destination blinds are cheaper to make than digital signs and are therefore more affordable. This makes them practical for transit companies looking to cut costs while providing high-quality services to their commuters.

Design Design flexibility

Vintage destination blinds are appealing as decorative pieces. Some printing companies have even replicated this design, making curtains that resemble them by screen printing fabric and framing it for easy hanging.

eye catching Eye-catching graphics

Bus destination signs have a classic appeal that’s simply inimitable. They can easily be customized with unique graphics, logos, and images—something that’s hard to do with LED signs. Those with a love for all things retro will find these signs more appealing than their modern counterparts.

Advantages of vintage destination signs over LED signage

Vintage Bus BlindsLED bus signs may be more prominently used in public transportation these days, but old school bus destination signs are still finding their way onto fleets thanks to their nostalgic look and their practicality. It’s likely that you’ve found them on streetcars and trolleys, too, as they are very effective for promotional purposes. Moreover, they can be used to enhance the interior design of a bus.

Where can you get bus destination blinds?

We are proud to be the only manufacturer of vintage destination blinds for buses in North America today. Don’t hesitate to contact Transign for custom solutions that will suit your fleet’s unique requirements.