Public transportation can pose high safety and security risks because of the massive reach and public nature of their service. Not only do transit companies have to ensure the safety of multiple passengers in a single vehicle—they also have to ensure the wellbeing of the travelers using their facilities, ranging from bus stops to transit stations and wait stops. This is why public information systems, intelligent transportation or transit system, voice announcements, and bus signs play such huge roles in keeping the public safe. Today, modern transit planning platforms are changing the way that the public transportation system works, as well as the level of safety that transportation agencies and operators can provide passengers.

For instance, bus signs can now be integrated with a smarter system that allows transit operators to display relevant information on both interior and exterior signs based on the vehicle’s location and other related factors. The only thing that drivers will have to worry about is attending to their on-board passengers and paying attention to the road and designated stops. These kinds of modern systems are beneficial in improving services as well as enhancing communication, all while increasing safety for passengers. This can likewise increase ridership, which will ultimately result in maximum revenue for the company.

Additional technologies that enable voice announcements and even more advanced visual communications are also ideal as they help make fresh information and updates more readily available for passengers. For instance, public announcement systems can be used to broadcast general warnings and safety precautions to passengers, whether on-board transportation or inside a transit station. These devices can be used to alert people about security concerns that may arise at any moment during their transit. Having these kinds of devices makes it easier to disseminate information and keep passengers alerted to any possible threats to their safety, while providing them with useful reminders when using public transit. On-board screens are also useful tools for displaying safety warnings and precautions, helping to keep passengers safe and informing them of standard procedures in case of an emergency.  

Transign is an authority when it comes to modern passenger information systems, ranging from simple bus signs to more advanced passenger and transit industry solutions that enable voice announcements, emergency alerts, status alerts and delay warnings, safe zones, and on-board communications through audio and visual messaging.

How passenger information systems help disabled people

The Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA requires all bus companies to announce stops and identify bus routes at stops serving more than one route. These passenger information systems make life so much easier for riders with disabilities, enabling them to use public buses and not have to rely on paratransit. Do note that the ADA makes these announcements mandatory whether or not there is a passenger with a disability on board.

The ADA recognizes that not all disabilities are obvious and not all disabled passengers use canes or service animals. Commuters with cognitive disabilities and hidden disabilities who are not always identified by drivers also need stop and route identification announcements.

Where to get this system

Transign Digital SignageTransign is the leader in ADA-compliant passenger information solutions.

For over 60 years, Transign has been developing efficient, reliable, and versatile public information systems, voice announcement applications, and bus signs for both medium and large transit companies across the United States. For example, the ‘Stop Requested’ signs by Transign let a driver know when a disabled passenger wants to get off at the next stop and can also be programmed to convey safety or wayfinding messages to departing passengers, such as ‘Watch Your Step’ or ‘Exit’ indicators.

These solutions are fully ADA compliant and can be integrated into pull cord or button activation designs, or to most third-party software systems. It supports a wide range of installation types, viewing angles, and languages. Full LED stop signs and colorful LED backlit lenses are available. Tell us about your needs and we will find the solution that best fits your budget and requirements.

Is customer service available?

Yes. Transign is committed to serving the transit industry with real customer service and reliable technical support. Call us at any of the following numbers for immediate assistance:

Toll Free: (855) 535-7446

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You can also leave a message using the ‘Contact a Specialist’ form on this website.