Transportation remains essential, even post COVID-19, and it will play a large role in progress and development as the economy recovers from the pandemic. There is no doubt that efficient transportation of people and goods is key to growth. Thanks to new technologies, this sector has lots of exciting trends to look forward to in 2021. Here are some of them:

  1. Widespread digitization

Research indicates that over 50% of transportation companies are investing in digitalization with the expectation that it can improve their bottom line. Simplifying administration, production, and contracting processes will allow transit manufacturers to boost efficiency and profitability. On the other hand, more public transportation companies will use digital transportation signage products to make fleet management easier while improving passenger experience and will ultimately improve the viability of their business.

   2. Adoption of passenger information systems

A growing number of transit companies will use passenger information systems in order to cater to the expectations of the modern commuting public. One of the leaders in this sector is Transign, a transportation signage manufacturer that has teamed up with Passio Technologies and others to offer comprehensive passenger information systems. Transign’s solution provides the following benefits to their clients and to the riding public:

Automatic passenger counting to measure ridership levels

  • On-board bus information to show riders critical destination and route information, as well as announcements, public safety messages, and advertisements
  • On-board audio and visual communication to expand the capabilities of transit signs in initiating promotions and disseminating information
  • Hands-free operation to ensure that drivers do not get distracted
  • GPS-based message progression that displays real-time route information while reducing equipment failure and human error
  • Route management solutions that are configurable via a secure web interface using pre-set routes, interest points, and landmarks
  • Custom messages at predetermined trigger points.

Transign’s passenger information systems even offer an optional 3G dispatch system to remotely dispatch message updates and assign stop changes or detours while keeping the communication lines between drivers and dispatch operators open and instantaneous.

   3. Next-gen GPS capabilities

GPS systems have long been used in the public transportation industry, but older GPS systems are going to be overtaken by new and modern versions that add lots of functionality and updated features.

In the past, transit GPS services were limited to simply calculating mileage, pointing to the right direction, and estimating arrival times, but the latest GPS models are infinitely more versatile. Aside from providing these basic functions, they can now be programmed to make trip adjustments based on road and traffic conditions and even the weather, with the GPS sign informing passengers of any changes. This will allow not only public transit companies to make each trip safer, but more precise in terms of determining arrival times. Many of these new GPS services can be accessed with mobile devices that practically everyone has access to these days.

   4. Use of data analytics

Companies in the public transportation and supply chain sectors can rely on cutting-edge data analytics to examine and interpret passenger and consumer trends. With this intelligence, bus companies for example, can make informed decisions on issues like fleet and route management. Supply chain companies, on the other hand, can make better choices when it comes to matters such as tariff risks and costs, manufacturing and supplier issues, as well as logistical requirements. Data analytics ensures that transit company managers can make choices that are grounded on accurate facts—not conjectures.

   5. Environmental considerations

With the concept of climate change and global warming impacting all aspects of life, people are becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint. A growing segment of the population is expected to try and lessen their strain on the environment by taking public transportation when possible.

Now more than ever, bus companies and other public transit companies need to make the riding experience comfortable and convenient for their passengers. The technologies mentioned above can help them do exactly that.

If you are looking for passenger information systems, transportation signage, and GPS sign solutions, talk with Transign today. We offer technologies that will help you take your transit company into the future.