There are many benefits to using an LED scrolling display in the transit industry, as well as in advertising and promotions. If you have ever thought of investing in roller sign solutions for your business, these advantages will convince you to take the plunge: 

Flexible and scalable 

An LED scrolling display can be made to display information quickly and efficiently, so you can communicate and change messages as often as you need. In fact, the best systems don’t just display letters and text—they can also show logos, different colors, high-resolution graphics, special fonts, and many more.

These tickers show relevant info in a vivid and crisp manner. While they are mainly used for transportation-related messages in the transit industry, they can also be programmed to show other information such as stock market bits, news headlines, Twitter feeds, brief announcements, RSS feeds, etc. Want to shuffle messages throughout the day? Do you need to display hour specific information during rush hour? You can communicate anything at many different intervals and create rich content opportunities. They are flexible and scalable solutions that are easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate.

Control your message from anywhere

You can remotely access content to quickly update these displays. These systems can be operated remotely online, so you can manage multiple signs with just a few clicks or via USB transfer. If you have an urgent announcement such as schedule changes, delays, and other developments that will affect your passengers, simply upload your message to the backend software and it will immediately start running in the signs you want to show it on.

Looks great

A digital roller sign lends a more professional look to your vehicle and in any environment where it is used. The best ones on the market are engineered to be luminous, clear, and easy to read while being adaptable to changing scenarios. Incorporating these technologies into your vehicles shows that you care enough for your passengers to spend money on digital signs that will improve their riding experience

Great for advertising

LED scrolling displays are not just used for announcing the next stop and other such transportation-related information. They are also perfect for advertising, helping you create another source of revenue. They make any marketing message flashier so that it grabs a potential customer’s attention - much more than a static sign ever can. They can also be made with different colored lights to suit different messages. What’s more, these signs have the ability to make your advertising program more credible than static signs, thereby helping you attract more advertisers.

Unlike traditional advertising boards, a digital scrolling sign can display multiple messages in a compact form. You usually need a very large static advertising board to display long messages. This is not the case with an LED scrolling display. It can show different messages in succession—a design that encourages passengers and potential customers to focus on each word or phrase. This is why digital scrolling displays have the potential to draw in some serious advertising revenue compared to a traditional static sign. 

Efficient and cost-effective 

LED scrolling message boards don’t use a lot of electricity. That’s because LEDs are efficient by nature—they are designed to focus on creating light and not heat, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs. There is no wasted electricity. The initial costs of switching to a LED scrolling display system are quickly offset by a reduction in your operating expenses.

Transign has everything you need

Looking for high-tech, weatherproof, and super durable digital roller signs for your transportation business? Transign has got you covered. We supply all kinds of digital display screens in buses and other types of transportation. Use them to show helpful information to your passengers—from routes to estimated arrival times. You can also monetize them with advertisements and entertaining content. Talk to us about your requirements so we can recommend a custom solution.