Vintage bus signs are great for use as decorative elements in many different locations. Old bus signs evoke fantastic memories of the past, and although they have been widely replaced by LED bus signs in modern transit vehicles, some are still being used to serve their classic purpose or as promotional tools.

Did you know that vintage bus signs were often times made out of linen rolls, many of which were produced by hand on screen printed material? By the late 1980s, modern materials like Mylar appeared on the scene, making bus blinds stronger and more durable. Machine-produced blinds ruled the decade following, until digital solutions began surfacing on the market. Today, computerized electronic displays rule most of the heavy duty market, but don’t think that roller curtains are being left behind. They are still sought after because of their price point. However, designers are finding a great use for the old used curtains, as they are widely being procured for decorative purposes in homes and commercial establishments.

Even now that LED bus signs are dominating the public transport scene, there is still a fairly broad market for vintage style bus signs and destination blinds. Not only are these vintage bus signs still installed on buses, trolleys and streetcars because of their branding versatility, but they are a popular and trendy choice for home and commercial space decor, they are also widely used for promotional purposes because they can be customized with logos and other images that LEDs can’t replicate. In the world of interior design, however, vintage roller curtain bus sign material make excellent conversation pieces when used as decorative tools in organizations large and small.

Curtain signs can add a vintage look to any space. If you are into collecting vintage bus signs, there are many individuals that sell old roller curtain sign material and even offer custom services to help you create the look you want to achieve in your design.

Today, bus companies and sign makers have upgraded to more modern means of visual communication, such as roller curtain bus signs with automated or digitized scrolling displays. These signs are widely used for all kinds of purposes, ranging from destination displays, branding and PR, advertising, and general information—all while keeping the classic appeal of authentic rolling signs. Whether you are looking for vintage bus signs for decorative use or as a classic nod to technologies of the past, these signs make a great choice.