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Universal Integration – Simplicity in Operation

In today’s growing transit market, efficiency and safety are priorities in every aspect of our business decisions. By using advanced software and integrating communication equipment, we are able to create safer environments for both passengers and pedestrians, and create a distraction-free and reliable work environment for operators, maintenance, and directors.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) provide agencies with real-time GPS tracking and communication by connecting on-board devices with central management, bus station information systems, and even with the devices in passengers’ hands. One central Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) is then capable of monitoring and operating voice announcements, next stop requests, fare-box collection units, automated passenger counting, and more.

LED Destination Signs, such as the Transign LED Destinator™ or Transign LED EnCompass™, information can be displayed automatically based on bus location or other on-board activity. Exterior facing signs will trigger their next destination based on geo-fence GPS data, and can display emergency alerts or other localized information. Interior facing signs integrate directly with Automated Voice Announcements (AVA) to announce next stops for full ADA compliance and improved communication with passengers. Interior monitors and LCD displays can further enhance communication with video playback and location-based advertising opportunities.

LED Destination Signs are also commonly used in conjunction with bus station information systems, seamlessly tying together on-board communication with any waiting customers. The GPS location technology of a fully integrated ITS can send real-time data, including arrival time, weather and emergency alerts, or route changes. Smartphone applications can receive the same live notifications to assist passengers with route and trip planning. By combining multiple solutions into one single platform, reliable and automated information can be shared with an entire customer base simultaneously.

When connected to a cellular 3G network or cloud, the advanced features of Transign LED EnCompass™ act as an Integrated Fleet Management system by delivering reporting and receiving incoming data feeds. In addition to increased efficiency, the detailed reporting and passenger counting provide valuable market information such as ridership peak stops and times to assist in marketing and route planning. Critical vehicle performance, including fault codes and maintenance alerts, can also be monitored and reported instantly. Having this critical information allows for more efficient maintenance procedures and can help reduce management’s safety and security concerns by making real-time informed decisions.

To further improve safety and security, all of Transign’s LED Destinator™ and EnCompass™ signs and controllers combine with emergency button or panic switch functions. Basic emergency buttons are discretely placed within the driver’s reach, allowing them to change the outward-facing message to read “CONTACT POLICE” or “DIAL 911” on all LED destination signs. Further integration with advanced features can also communicate emergency messages and alerts back to dispatch, can trigger special recording devices, or can even alert waiting passengers via bus station information systems or alarms.

A fully integrated or “connected” bus network utilizes the above GPS feeds, monitoring systems, and emergency systems to utilize resources in the most efficient and safe way possible. By reducing human error and distraction, we also effectively eliminate unnecessary maintenance deployments, safety concerns, and communication issues. Incorporating interior and exterior LED Destination signs and voice announcements ensures safe, reliable communication for much more than just routes and stops. Integrated bus shelter information systems and LED destination signs can alert passengers to safety information, can enhance marketing and public relations communication, and integrate with route planning smartphone applications.

Safety and efficiency: no two things will do more to increase ridership or positively impact bottom-line operational budgets, and there is no better way to accomplish this than a fully integrated fleet. Transign’s LED Destinator™ and LED EnCompass™ packages offer unrivaled integration options and non-subscription based GPS options with many upgradable features.

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Roller Curtain Signs – Integrating Branding & Passenger Information

An industry standard since 1959, Transign Roller Curtains can be found on shuttles and transit vehicles of all types across the globe. For the modern fleet operator, Transign’s updated roller curtain signs offer unmatched efficiency in power draw, and unparalleled versatility in display options and customization. With their large lettering and bright backlighting, roller curtains have long been the iconic transit sign, and are often used for classic vehicle restoration or vintage bus art collections. Because of their customization options, these signs are also used by colleges, sports teams, and other private shuttle or charter services with specific logos and color schemes.

Increased curb appeal - literally

Operators can quickly change the messages displayed on both front-facing and curb-side destination signs using efficient electric motors. This allows for not only multiple destinations, but multiple personalized marketing messages to customers and prospects. Side signs are especially useful for relaying marketing or promotional information (such as sales or specials) to boarding customers and other prospects waiting at the curb.

Integrate branding with communication

Combined branding and messaging has never been easier. Roller curtains are highly customizable, and Transign’s graphics design team can quickly create the necessary graphics to meet any branding needs. Color selections, logo designs, and high-resolution graphics, along with suitable fonts, are all printed in an aesthetically appealing manner to create a complete advertisement that can be displayed on a roller curtain. Roller signs from Transign also offer reprints and curtain updates as per the changing fleet requirements.

Cost effective option

Roller signs are considered to be an affordable alternative to LED scroll signs, custom designed to fit smaller fleets, cutaway buses, collector vehicles, and trolleys. They offer excellent visibility at up to 500 feet along with ADA compliant fonts and colors. Roller curtain signs are very easy to install, are virtually maintenance free, and their long life cycle makes them an excellent value for any fleet.

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Run Number Boxes – An economical solution without compromising quality

While people travel daily via public transport, it's highly important that they have enough information readily available to make their journey hassle free. Simple information such as destination, next stop, route, etc. should be presented to them where they can conveniently see it. They should be able to find the exact way and the bus they are looking for without having to look around for information.

The run number boxes or route boxes play a significant role in the transportation industry. They display information on the route numbers and can be installed in the front, rear or on the side. Used by the nation's leading transport systems, these signs provide route identification for fleets of any size.

Transign has been providing route number boxes and bus blinds to many transportation agencies across North America and Canada. These signs are affordable with no compromise on quality and are currently a part of the entire fleet of vehicles for NYCT (New York City Transit Authority).

Run number or route boxes from Transign are ideal for medium- to heavy-duty transit operating large fleets of vehicles. Here are some of the features of these route boxes that make them so popular:

  • They have excellent clarity and visibility due to the LED backlight.
  • They are available with plastic or steel housings that make them durable.
  • They can display either alphanumeric characters or numeric characters to suit your route numbering styles.
  • Incredibly easy to install and are virtually maintenance free due to the simplicity in design.
  • These run boxes are available in many colors, graphics and custom fonts that are appealing.
  • LED options are also available for these signs.
  • Durable and fire resistant materials are used to make these boxes.
  • They are available in two, three and four digit displays that are convenient for the numbering systems used by various transport authorities.
  • You can also select from many foreground and background color combinations so that they go along with the color of your buses or transport vehicles.


Route boxes are not only limited to the fleets in the metropolitan cities but also a great economical option for those small agencies operating transport services in the rural areas. Making their products accessible to all kinds of customers by keeping their prices affordable and quality high, these signs are a popular choice today.

Having new technology solutions in the transit industry eliminates the need for a lot of manual work such as changing signs, routes, announcing the next stop and answering queries by the passengers. The drivers of these buses no longer need to change the signs or inform passengers about the route. All this information is displayed using route number boxes and other advanced technology transit signage.
Transign is known for its quality products that have served the transit industry for over 50 years. Their run number boxes are a cost effective solution that allows passengers to find the exact route and bus they are looking for while simplifying maintenance and scheduling too.

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Led Destination Signs – Signs that meet the specific needs of all buses in rural and metropolitan areas

LED destination signs make public transport convenient for both – the passengers as well as the transportation agencies. These LED destination boards for buses help improve the operational efficiency and help transport transit companies to provide customers with better services. All the information that a passenger would require while traveling is readily available.

Transit signs play a crucial role in ensuring smooth day to day operations and meet the unique needs of transport vehicles from all regions. They enable centralized control of the information that is displayed, the announcements and the schedules. LED signs also ensure that passengers get adequate information about the next stop and the route. The main advantage of these types of signage is the ability to view them in broad daylight due to their brightness control features. They have a wide viewing angle too that provides excellent readability from anywhere. They are built to be rigid enough for the transport industry and have excellent shock and vibration absorbing capacities.

Various agencies have adopted LED signs, and many have experienced the benefits too.

Same level of functionality and efficiency from rural to metropolitan

LED stop signs are a reliable, efficient and smart solution for small as well as large fleet buses. Public transportation agencies – whether rural or urban get the same level of functionality to improve the operational performance of their systems. They can seamlessly transport people from one place to another without a lot of manual assistance. The destination signs display all the relevant information that a traveler would require to know such as the next stop, the route, the bus number, etc.

Advanced features

Transign's LED destination boards are not restricted to the heavy-duty vehicles and buses transporting a large number of passengers in the metropolitan areas but are easily made available and affordable for small and medium duty vehicles in the non-urban areas too. Sophisticated features such as vehicle tracking, automated message progression, and voice announcements are now made accessible to all.

Convenience of heavy-duty systems at a fraction of the cost

Transign makes it possible for small and medium duty vehicles to include the latest technology transit signs at highly affordable costs. You can install the signs with a variety of messages and program the control unit at a fraction of the cost. More and more rural transportation transit agencies are hence considering installation of these signs and provide their customers with the same convenience that a metropolitan city transport would provide.

Scalability features for growth

With time, as the transport transit agency grows, these signs have just the right scalability features to modify and include the new routes, constantly changing fleet structures and lots more. They are perfect for rapidly growing businesses.

Transign is an industry leader in providing advanced technology signage products that are used by many agencies all over North America and greatly helps in modernizing the way people travel and access information while they reach their destinations conveniently and without too many hassles. It also helps transit industries provide their passengers with the best in class services.

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Transign’s technology boosts public transportation services throughout North America

Technology has transformed our lives and completely revolutionized the way we work. Today, technology finds its way into the transit industry too, and paves the way for the public transport services to be more efficient and convenient. Whether it is led scrolling signs, bus destination blinds, bus signs, led destination signs or stop request signs, technology has brought about a significant improvement in all transportation systems.

In recent years, the transit industry has seen a series of innovations that has helped improve its operational performance and efficiency as well as its ability to provide customers with better service. Interior and exterior LED destination signs, LED scrolling signs and passenger information signs along with automated voice announcements ensure that the passengers are kept informed while they travel.

Other smart features that technology has made possible in the transit industry are geo-location tracking along with message delivery, smart device passenger information applications and passenger counting solutions.

Our technology has helped  make travelling easier and improved efficiency in the way we work. It has definitely helped boost the public transportation services throughout North America.

Here’s how public transportation services have benefited from our technology:

Improvement in operational performance

Intelligent transport systems ensure that the overall efficiency is improved and passengers are easily and efficiently transported to their destinations. Digital signage ensures that passengers are well informed while they travel and makes passenger communication easy. The overall operational performance is greatly improved with appropriate bus signs displayed for passengers in the buses and its exterior side.

Enhances mobility and convenience for travelers

Passengers are no longer left wondering what the next stop is or how far their destination is. While they travel, they can conveniently read all the information on the displays that are installed in buses. These displays are pre-programmed as per the route of the bus and can accurately display all the required information. The ongoing automated announcements make travel easy.

Transign has been providing advanced technology products that revolutionized the transit signage industry for over 55 years. These products have been widely adopted by all the leading manufacturers, bus dealers, transit agencies, as well as, fleet operators throughout North America.

Transign’s technology products include:

  • LED Destinator series - effectively displays information for destination and route. It also includes next stop announcement services so that the passengers are informed about how far their destination is.
  • Roller Curtain Signs - have perfect backlighting and electric motors and can be used for advertising, PR, and branding.
  • Run Number Boxes - provide a means for vehicle route identification so that customers can find the exact route and bus conveniently.
  • Stop Request Signs - are used for effective communication and includes button activation or a ‘pull cord’. It can also be activated using third party software.

Overall, the transit industry is steadily adopting the latest technologies to provide their customers with the best in class services. Along with modernizing the way passengers access information, the transit industry has definitely added to the convenience of daily travelers.  

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Technology makes transit the next frontier for transportation signage innovators

Innovation in transportation signage enables you to harness the power of technology and bring about a revolution in the way the transit industry works. Transportation signage enables smart communication, helps display routes and schedules, and keeps the traveler well informed at all times until they reach their destinations. Effective communication that is readily available greatly improves the operational efficiency of the transit industry and ensures greater convenience for a passenger.

Ever since the use of electronic transit signs has increased, it has brought about a steady change in the way transportation facilities convey important information to passengers.

Here are the benefits of transportation signage:

  • Help display current travel conditions and schedules so that passengers are well informed
  • Enables centralized control of the schedules and announcements
  • Smart advertising to help generate revenue
  • Display useful information for travelers
  • Broadcast emergency notifications to travelers


These signage's have been increasingly adopted in various areas of the industry. Here are a few practical applications of technology in the transit industry:

For Effective Communication

With electronic signage, communication is made easy. These sign boards display important information about the route and the destination, adding to the overall convenience of travelling. These displays can also be programmed to display other relevant information such as the weather or critical news. Transit signs are an ideal medium for sharing vital travel information.

Displaying Schedules and Real Time Information

Real-time information about the travel can be displayed on these signs. This ensures that the passengers are not left wondering where they are headed and how long it will take until they reach their destination.

Advertisements and Branding

Transportation signs are also a great medium for advertisements. With efficient LED backlights, custom scrolling signs can be used for the purpose of advertising. Readily visible displays act as an innovative medium for advertising and is also a great branding tool.

Interactive and Self Service Capabilities

Most modern innovations in the transport industry are based on empowering the passengers by providing them with self service abilities. Technology makes it possible to get around faster and more easily than ever before. With appropriate signs and the information boards displayed, no matter where the traveler needs to go, information is easily and readily available without having to do a lot of research or without any dependency on anyone or anything else.

The transportation industry today has new and effective means of displaying information that is essential for the daily traveler. New technology innovations have added to the entire travelling experience and have made it more passenger-oriented. With many self service capabilities and ready information provided by the modern transit display systems, the passengers can conveniently travel hassle-free.

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