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Transign to Exhibit at CTAA’s 2017 Community Transportation EXPO

Transign is thrilled to be exhibiting at the Community Transportation Association of America’s 2017 Community Transportation EXPO, held next week in Detroit, Michigan, and showcase its newest product, the LED […]

How Millennials are Growing and Shaping the Transit World

Who are the Millennials? The largest and the most diverse generation in American history, the Millennial Generation are those born between 1982 and 2003. How are Millennials influencing the transit […]

Passenger Safety on Public Transit: A Growing Concern

Though passenger safety regulations’ controlled by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and APTA (American Public Transportation Association) have mandated maximum occupancy, proper installation and safety techniques for equipment, and […]

Onboard Communication: More than Just ADA Compliance

As we mentioned previously in Universal Integration – Simplicity in Operation, the connected devices of an ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) work together to increase safety and efficiency by simplifying the […]

Universal Integration – Simplicity in Operation

In today’s growing transit market, efficiency and safety are priorities in every aspect of our business decisions. By using advanced software and integrating communication equipment, we are able to create […]

Roller Curtain Signs – Integrating Branding & Passenger Information

An industry standard since 1959, Transign Roller Curtains can be found on shuttles and transit vehicles of all types across the globe. For the modern fleet operator, Transign’s updated roller […]

Run Number Boxes – An economical solution without compromising quality

While people travel daily via public transport, it’s highly important that they have enough information readily available to make their journey hassle free. Simple information such as destination, next stop, […]

Led Destination Signs – Signs that meet the specific needs of all buses in rural and metropolitan areas

LED destination signs make public transport convenient for both – the passengers as well as the transportation agencies. These LED destination boards for buses help improve the operational efficiency and […]

Transign’s technology boosts public transportation services throughout North America

Technology has transformed our lives and completely revolutionized the way we work. Today, technology finds its way into the transit industry too, and paves the way for the public transport […]

Technology makes transit the next frontier for transportation signage innovators

Innovation in transportation signage enables you to harness the power of technology and bring about a revolution in the way the transit industry works. Transportation signage enables smart communication, helps […]

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