Innovation in transportation signage enables you to harness the power of technology and bring about a revolution in the way the transit industry works. Transportation signage enables smart communication, helps display routes and schedules, and keeps the traveler well informed at all times until they reach their destinations. Effective communication that is readily available greatly improves the operational efficiency of the transit industry and ensures greater convenience for a passenger.

Ever since the use of electronic transit signs has increased, it has brought about a steady change in the way transportation facilities convey important information to passengers.

Here are the benefits of transportation signage:

  • Help display current travel conditions and schedules so that passengers are well informed
  • Enables centralized control of the schedules and announcements
  • Smart advertising to help generate revenue
  • Display useful information for travelers
  • Broadcast emergency notifications to travelers


These signage's have been increasingly adopted in various areas of the industry. Here are a few practical applications of technology in the transit industry:

For Effective Communication

With electronic signage, communication is made easy. These sign boards display important information about the route and the destination, adding to the overall convenience of travelling. These displays can also be programmed to display other relevant information such as the weather or critical news. Transit signs are an ideal medium for sharing vital travel information.

Displaying Schedules and Real Time Information

Real-time information about the travel can be displayed on these signs. This ensures that the passengers are not left wondering where they are headed and how long it will take until they reach their destination.

Advertisements and Branding

Transportation signs are also a great medium for advertisements. With efficient LED backlights, custom scrolling signs can be used for the purpose of advertising. Readily visible displays act as an innovative medium for advertising and is also a great branding tool.

Interactive and Self Service Capabilities

Most modern innovations in the transport industry are based on empowering the passengers by providing them with self service abilities. Technology makes it possible to get around faster and more easily than ever before. With appropriate signs and the information boards displayed, no matter where the traveler needs to go, information is easily and readily available without having to do a lot of research or without any dependency on anyone or anything else.

The transportation industry today has new and effective means of displaying information that is essential for the daily traveler. New technology innovations have added to the entire travelling experience and have made it more passenger-oriented. With many self service capabilities and ready information provided by the modern transit display systems, the passengers can conveniently travel hassle-free.