Technology has transformed our lives and completely revolutionized the way we work. Today, technology finds its way into the transit industry too, and paves the way for the public transport services to be more efficient and convenient. Whether it is led scrolling signs, bus destination blinds, bus signs, led destination signs or stop request signs, technology has brought about a significant improvement in all transportation systems.

In recent years, the transit industry has seen a series of innovations that has helped improve its operational performance and efficiency as well as its ability to provide customers with better service. Interior and exterior LED destination signs, LED scrolling signs and passenger information signs along with automated voice announcements ensure that the passengers are kept informed while they travel.

Other smart features that technology has made possible in the transit industry are geo-location tracking along with message delivery, smart device passenger information applications and passenger counting solutions.

Our technology has helped  make travelling easier and improved efficiency in the way we work. It has definitely helped boost the public transportation services throughout North America.

Here’s how public transportation services have benefited from our technology:

Improvement in operational performance

Intelligent transport systems ensure that the overall efficiency is improved and passengers are easily and efficiently transported to their destinations. Digital signage ensures that passengers are well informed while they travel and makes passenger communication easy. The overall operational performance is greatly improved with appropriate bus signs displayed for passengers in the buses and its exterior side.

Enhances mobility and convenience for travelers

Passengers are no longer left wondering what the next stop is or how far their destination is. While they travel, they can conveniently read all the information on the displays that are installed in buses. These displays are pre-programmed as per the route of the bus and can accurately display all the required information. The ongoing automated announcements make travel easy.

Transign has been providing advanced technology products that revolutionized the transit signage industry for over 55 years. These products have been widely adopted by all the leading manufacturers, bus dealers, transit agencies, as well as, fleet operators throughout North America.

Transign’s technology products include:

  • LED Destinator series - effectively displays information for destination and route. It also includes next stop announcement services so that the passengers are informed about how far their destination is.
  • Roller Curtain Signs - have perfect backlighting and electric motors and can be used for advertising, PR, and branding.
  • Run Number Boxes - provide a means for vehicle route identification so that customers can find the exact route and bus conveniently.
  • Stop Request Signs - are used for effective communication and includes button activation or a ‘pull cord’. It can also be activated using third party software.

Overall, the transit industry is steadily adopting the latest technologies to provide their customers with the best in class services. Along with modernizing the way passengers access information, the transit industry has definitely added to the convenience of daily travelers.