Transign Roller Curtain Signs provide variable messages and adaptable branding to your shuttles, creating unique ways to communicate with and market to your customers and prospects.

  • Our roller curtains allow for customized messages, colors, logos, branding, marketing, and communication
  • Excellent clarity and readability at up to 500 feet
  • Can be used in any window or door location (front, side, rear, and interior-facing)
  • Variable destination list provides versatility for PreFlight fleets with multiple locations
  • Low power draw suitable for off-hours operation and 24/7 visibility with bright LED backlighting
  • Capable of up to 100 messages created specifically for your business and branding needs.

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Increase your curb appeal – literally

Any customer of PreFlight is already familiar with your rates, excellent customer service, and efficient shuttle service; but how best can you communicate this to waiting prospects? By tailoring your destination sign, you can display the most effective message to potential customers waiting at the curb – even those that may not have used your service for their current travel needs. Transign roller curtains allow you to proudly display your marketing messages, and vary them according to season or promotions, to ensure you capitalize on every opportunity.

We would appreciate the opportunity to show you the amazing benefits of Transign roller curtains via a live product demonstration at your site. Please contact Jamie J. Lipka to schedule this appointment.

Jamie J. Lipka
248-623-6400, ext 250